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What our customers say

" I am loving my Posies nappies they are beautifully made, amazingly absorbant and so slim as you can see from my pictures. The print and OTB placement is also stunning. I also love it is handmade it makes it so special 😍🥰"



Our Story

At Posie's we are dedicated to providing high quality handmade reusables for you and your baby.
Each of our products is loving made by hand, using high quality materials that are as economically sustainable as possible.
We believe in making the future greener for our little ones, and started our own cloth journey in January this year with the birth of Persephone, the company's namesake.
Each Modern Cloth Nappy, when used 3 times a week, can save over 450 disposable nappies going to landfill, from birth to potty training; so each individual MCN has a big impact on our environment.