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Caring for your Posie's Nappies

If your baby is under 6 months it doesn't matter if they are breastfed or formula fed, all newborn poop is water soluble.

Once your baby starts to wean, you might want to use a liner with your Posie's nappy, or you rinse out the poop prior to washing your nappy.

It is recommended that you wash your nappies with a quick pre-wash and then a long wash at either 40°C or 60°C and then airdry. You can tumble-dry your inserts on low. Do not put PUL or Minky in the tumble dryer as it can cause delamination.

It is recommended to wash newborn nappies at 60°C.

We must advise that continually washing at 60°C *may* reduce the life span of your nappy, but this is yet to be tested.

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